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Starquake Update 20/09/2012: An option screen is born : endangermice | Retro Gaming | XNA Starquake Remake

Starquake Update 20/09/2012: An option screen is born

Holidays are just great, aren’t they? You go to a place you’ve never been to before, explore the area, take in the atmosphere, relax with a glass or two of beer or wine (or both), and generally get away from hectic everyday life. The other wonderful thing about being away is that it gives you time to work on projects that never get the time and attention they deserve in the hustle and bustle of the working week. What all this means is that I’ve been busy beavering away on Starquake.

The game engine is around 95% done and has been for a while now, but a game engine alone does not a game make. Presentation is everything and what’s blatently missing from this remake are the various option screens. Well I’m delighted to say that over the last couple of days the presentation drought has been curtailed and I can finally announce that Starquake now has its very own option screen:

Starquake options screen

Painstakingly recreated, taking in the best of the original, I’m hoping that this not only pays homage to the original 8-bit game, but also sails it effortlessly into the 21st century. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, so enjoy this little screenshot and as always feedback is very welcome!

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