onty On

The Run


An all new remake written using Monogame and C#
Based on the legendary C64 version
With a few gameplay tweaks....
Now what have I forgotten?
Has Monty made it?

The Story...

Super fit and desperate for freedom, Monty makes his daring escape from Scudmore Prison. Hounded by the bastions of law and order, our frightened hero finds refuge with the criminal underworld who offer him his chance of freedom.

Moving from 'safe house' to hideout to underground lair, Monty must find the five elements of his freedom kit and not miss out on the hidden gold coins that will make him a mole of leisure. Once free, can he make the ferry in time?


Cursor keys control Monty's direction and left Ctrl jumps.

Option Keys


Grab it!

DOWNLOAD ZIP (Win 7,8 and 10) x86 DOWNLOAD ZIP (Win 7,8 and 10) x64


DirectX 11 .net Framework 4.5 or later


My (ahem) slightly out of date blog Monogame awesomeness The CPC Wiki


High resolution remastered graphics
Super smooth animation running at 60fps
Electrifying remixed tunes by Chris Abbott
Now should I take the lift?
This looks tricky...