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Links : endangermice | Retro Gaming | XNA Starquake Remake


Retro Gaming

Retro Asylum – home of the number one retro gaming podcast.

Mutant Caterpillar Games: The Blog – many entertaining stories of retro computer repairs told by engineering bod par excellence – Ian Gledhill.

Retro Remakes – one of the oldest and best resources for remake news.

Lemon Amiga – a fantastic resource for Amiga Gaming containing reviews, download links and WHD Load installs. If you have an Amiga, you need this site.

Retro Computing

CPCWiki – The number one resource for all things Amstrad CPC. If you love the CPC and haven’t visited this site, you are going very very wrong!

Unofficial Amstrad WWW Resource – Kevin Thacker’s long-running and excellent technical resource for the Amstrad CPC.

Tech Shack – Home of the soon to be released (December 2012) flash drive adapters for Spectrum and C64 systems along with a whole host of leads to connect your old computer systems to modern TVs.


Phil Emerson – The blog of my very good friend Phil Emerson. We started working on a Starquake remake together nearly ten years ago!

Ric Lum – Many years ago, Ric, Phil and I were involved in several computer game remakes. Sadly real life prevented us from finishing anything, but the quality of his artwork lives on…

Dan’s Data – Australian dude Dan, tech writer in Australia’s Atomic PC Magazine also hosts this fantastic blog. Informative and witty, he is one of the increasingly rare knowledge bases who actually knows his stuff (beware of pale imitations). His regular letters column is a must read plus as an added bonus he has been known to carry out the odd crazy electrical experiment from time to time – all in the name of discovery of course…

Stuart Ashens – If you love watching scathing, sarcastic and honest video reviews of crap from prestigious places such as Poundland, then look no further. Armed with nothing more than a brown sofa, camcorder and his own arms, Stuart established his video reviews on YouTube sometime back in the mid-noughties (probably) and hasn’t looked back since. Affectionately known as “Ashens”, he has appeared on the Armstrong and Miller show and even stared in a short sci-fi film! His dead-pan manner, superb command of the English language and most importantly utter contempt for rubbish stuff in all guises makes this site one of the most entertaining places on the web. As an added bonus, I’ve just found out that he somehow managed to be born on my birthday (albeit a year earlier) and works in media too (ooooh… spooky coincidences!) which I think is more than reason enough to go give him a visit!

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