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Starwuake remake spiky effects

Starquake Update: 31/01/2012

As promised at the end last week, here’s a new update showing off the new “spiky nasty” movement routine for my Starquake remake. But wait… There’s more! As an added bonus I’m also demonstrating the first new visual effect from the new screen effect engine which I think adds a really cool extra dimension to […]

New Gates Featured

Starquake Update 28/10/2012: New graphics, and upgrades to the nasty AI

Due to the inevitability of non-retro gaming related work (say what? I hear you say…), this week’s Starquake update is somewhat shorter than usual with just a quick update for you tonight. This week I’ve spent a few hours redrawing the second gate type (see screenshot) and working on extending the nasty AI routines. Previously there was […]


Starquake Update: 19/10/2012: Two new nasties

Just a quick update for you to enjoy over the weekend, complete with video no less (I know how much more interesting videos are). This week I’ve been mainly bug fixing some of Blob’s interaction routines and improving the nasty AI in my Starquake remake. Sadly none of that gives you anything to look at […]

R-Type featured

Repackaging The R-Type CPC Remake

The original R-Type R-Type, is in my opinion one of the best shot-em-up Arcade games ever made. With surreal and imaginative graphics bearing more than a passing resemblance to the work of Alien artist H R Giger, and fast paced, exciting game play, R-Type really had it all. Released in 1987 by IRem Corp, the game saw great success in […]