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Starquake Update: 20/03/2013: Where have you been?

Wow, nearly three months since my last update, I bet most of you thought that this remake had gone the way of too many before it, namely on the scrapheap, never to be seen again! Well, fear not, I’m glad to say that the remake is far from dead. So you might ask, why the […]

Starquake Remake - Blob's Death Featured

Starquake Update: 16/11/2012: Blob’s Death…

This week’s Starquake Update is a little morbid. You see I’ve been working on the routine for Blob’s death which is naturally quite um….morbid… While it’s all well and good Blob being all invulnerable all the time and not losing lives, it hardly makes the game much of a challenge now does it? This week all of […]

Starwuake remake spiky effects

Starquake Update: 31/01/2012

As promised at the end last week, here’s a new update showing off the new “spiky nasty” movement routine for my Starquake remake. But wait… There’s more! As an added bonus I’m also demonstrating the first new visual effect from the new screen effect engine which I think adds a really cool extra dimension to […]

New Gates Featured

Starquake Update 28/10/2012: New graphics, and upgrades to the nasty AI

Due to the inevitability of non-retro gaming related work (say what? I hear you say…), this week’s Starquake update is somewhat shorter than usual with just a quick update for you tonight. This week I’ve spent a few hours redrawing the second gate type (see screenshot) and working on extending the nasty AI routines. Previously there was […]


De-frogging an Amstrad Plus

The French bring many wonderful contributions to the world – fine wine, fine food and a country that is rich in both culture and history. However, one area where they are sadly lacking is keyboard layout. When compared to the English QWERTY layout, the French layout is somewhat different. On a cursory first glance this […]


Starquake Update 20/09/2012: An option screen is born

Holidays are just great, aren’t they? You go to a place you’ve never been to before, explore the area, take in the atmosphere, relax with a glass or two of beer or wine (or both), and generally get away from hectic everyday life. The other wonderful thing about being away is that it gives you time to work […]


Starquake Update 05/09/2012: Back in the saddle

After what has literally seemed like eons, I finally got around to putting some time into my XNA Starquake remake. With so many things going on, I simply haven’t felt the inclination to sit down and do anything to it. However, today I was inspired when listening to the rather excellent Retro Asylum podcast show – hosted […]