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Starquake Update 28/10/2012: New graphics, and upgrades to the nasty AI : endangermice | Retro Gaming | XNA Starquake Remake

Starquake Update 28/10/2012: New graphics, and upgrades to the nasty AI

Due to the inevitability of non-retro gaming related work (say what? I hear you say…), this week’s Starquake update is somewhat shorter than usual with just a quick update for you tonight. This week I’ve spent a few hours redrawing the second gate type (see screenshot) and working on extending the nasty AI routines. Previously there was no movement type for what I have come to call the “spiky nasty” which has its own unique movement pattern. The role of these king of the nasties is to kill Blob as quickly as possible. Often appearing from what seems like nowhere, unlike the other nasties which simply drain Blob’s energy – these dudes kill him instantly on impact! Their movement pattern is equally aggressive and sees them honing in on Blob as quickly as possible to deliver the knockout blow! Look out for a video this week where I’ll be demonstrating the new movement in action.

In other news, I’ve finalised the distribution of Cheops pyramids, which is now completely random (yep not even I will be able to tell you where they are) and have dished out the obligatory (but far too boring to detail) bug fixes.

New Gates in Starquake remake

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