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Starquake Update: 16/11/2012: Blob’s Death… : endangermice | Retro Gaming | XNA Starquake Remake

Starquake Update: 16/11/2012: Blob’s Death…

This week’s Starquake Update is a little morbid. You see I’ve been working on the routine for Blob’s death which is naturally quite um….morbid…

While it’s all well and good Blob being all invulnerable all the time and not losing lives, it hardly makes the game much of a challenge now does it?

This week all of that started to change and I’ve begun creating the animation that will be played when Blob:

  • Runs out of energy
  • Hits a spiky nasty
  • Hits a nasty spike
  • Gets electrocuted by an electricity node or gate

If you’d like to see how Blob will die, then check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

This is still very much work in progress. What you are seeing is the main Blob sprite explode into many pieces which then bounce around the screen in a nice (hopefully) convincing way. There is still much to be added including some nice particle effects – smoke, flames – whatever floats your boat…

Incidentially the death picture (not that you can see it all that well) is by Andrew Dobell and you can find a full sized version here.

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