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The Spectrum ULA

Book review: “The ZX Spectrum ULA”

If you’re anything like me (and considering you’re sat here reading this article on this very site, there’s a chance you might be) then you probably have more than just a passing interest in how your beloved 80s computers actually work. You may wonder how they manage to turn mere electricity into a wondrous device […]

R-Type featured

Repackaging The R-Type CPC Remake

The original R-Type R-Type, is in my opinion one of the best shot-em-up Arcade games ever made. With surreal and imaginative graphics bearing more than a passing resemblance to the work of Alien artist H R Giger, and fast paced, exciting game play, R-Type really had it all. Released in 1987 by IRem Corp, the game saw great success in […]

Google Malware

Warning: Something’s Not Right Here!

Greetings dear readers, I was anticipating bringing you a lovely write-up of my recently purchased Amstrad 6128 Plus vintage computer tonight, instead, you’re getting an installment of “Oh my god I’ve been hacked goddammit!” – aren’t you the lucky ones eh? Indeed as I strolled confidentially to my WordPress login page earlier this evening, I was […]


De-frogging an Amstrad Plus

The French bring many wonderful contributions to the world – fine wine, fine food and a country that is rich in both culture and history. However, one area where they are sadly lacking is keyboard layout. When compared to the English QWERTY layout, the French layout is somewhat different. On a cursory first glance this […]